Alvi’s Drift Winery

The Van Der Merwe family is the owner of the Alfalfa farm where the Alvi’s Drift winery is located.  Even though wine may be a more recent venture for the Van Der Merwes, they have done exceptionally well and boasts several awards already.  They are assisted by expert winemaker Linley Schultz who has global experience in winemaking.

The winery is owned by the Van Der Merwe family, Bertie Van Der Merwe along with his 2 sons, Johan a lawyer and Alvi, a medical doctor. Alvi’s Drift is the name of the drift near the farm, where the road crosses the Breede river. The Drift was built by Alvi’s grandfather in 1928.

The property is much more than a just a winery, it is a 7000ha farm with a  dairy herd and facilities for the commercial packaging of milk, a cheese making facility, a piggery, citrus and stone fruit, fodder production as well as the 410ha of vines.

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